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Meet Garbo

Garbo is the quintessential girl next door. If you love naturally beautiful looks, big blue eyes under golden blonde hair and a coy smile that hints at something more, Garbo is the perfect Fort Lauderdale escort for you. She's a calm, relaxed babe with voluptuous 34C breasts and milky white skin and is 5'6" tall and weighs 124 pounds. And best of all, she was born in Holland.

This Dutch darling is fluent in several languages, which only makes her more attractive if you love girls with sexy accents. Garbo also loves wine more than the escorts in Fort Lauderdale you're used to, so if you enjoy taking day trips to beautiful bistros with a buxom babe to enjoy some cheese, wine and laughs, then Garbo is the girl you've been looking for.

Garbo standing Up Hand on Hip. 
Garbo Shanding up hands at side. 
Garbo sitting down on couch pants half way down. 
Garbo On Couch, on knees no bottom. 
Garbo fully nude, butt in the air.

Garbo loves adventure and excitement

This cute and funny girl always saves time for adventure, so treat her to an exciting time by taking her skydiving or surfing on one of South Florida's panoramic beaches. No matter what you do, Garbo is always eager to spend time with her new friends for as long as you want to spend it with her. While other Fort Lauderdale escorts head home early, Garbo is always up for anything at any time of day.

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