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Bringing Tropical Dreams to Life

You have probably always dreamed about going to a tropical location, exploring the coastline with a beautiful woman and drinking rum that was made right in the sunny Caribbean. If so, you are certainly not alone, and Fort Lauderdale Escorts can help you make these dreams come true. Before you go to Lake Worth, Florida, make sure that all of the pieces are in place to make your trip one that you will remember for a long time.

Drinking and Dining

Part of your dream probably consists of walking down the sand with one of our lovely Lake Worth escorts, feeling the sand between your toes and watching the palm branches wave in the breeze as the sun sets. Another part of it probably consists of watching this same scene from the patio of a bar or a restaurant, sipping on a drink that tastes as good and refreshing as it looks. Lake Worth offers you plenty of eating and drinking establishments while Fort Lauderdale Escorts provides the company.

* South Shores Tavern & Patio Bar - (561-547-7656). There is nothing like a patio bar on a beautiful night. This one offers flatscreen TVs, a full-service kitchen that is usually open until midnight and a cozy tavern where you can eat if you want to get inside. With humus, cheese, fish, and prime cooked steak, this bar is rewriting the book on bar food. Taking a date from Fort Lauderdale Escorts here is a surefire way to get the night off on the right foot. Find it at 502 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460.

* The Speakeasy Lounge - (561-791-6242). Built with the style of a traditional 1920s speakeasy, this establishment has a long bar against the main wall, with mirrors and bottles of liquor facing those who are seated at the bar. Leather chairs, red lighting, and other 1920s decorations enhance the look and feel of the bar. There are also tables where you and your stunning Lakeworth escort can sit and talk while you enjoy your drinks. It is located at 129 North Federal Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Heading to the Beach

After eating and drinking at one of the places listed above, just head a few blocks to the east to get to the coast. There, you can walk on the sand, look out at the surf in the starlight, or find another bar with a patio that gives you a direct view. This whole district is loaded with fun destinations, like the Propaganda, the Havana Hideout, and the Cottage. Enlisting the company of a Lake Worth escort ensures you don't have to hit these hot spots alone.

Get in touch with Fort Lauderdale Escorts if you are going to be in the Lake Worth area, and a beautiful woman will be ready to help you enjoy everything that Florida has to offer.

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