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Meet Leanna

Leanna isn't like other girls. Her unique Welsh and Nordic ancestry has given her the type of body that other Fort Lauderdale escorts admire. With a 5'10" frame and only 120 pounds with an ample bust at 32C, Leanna is up for anything to help you have fun while in town.

She's the type of girl that hates being in the gym all day. To keep in shape, she'd rather hit the surf or play beach volleyball with new friends. Even after all that time in the sun, her skin is still milky white and incredibly soft to the touch. Leanna is truly a unique Fort Lauderdale escort.

Leanna self photo black top. 
Leanna self photo black top and panties. 
Leanna self photo sitting topless. 
Leanna self standing topless. 

Leanna's Favorite Things

When Leanna isn't out playing in the sun, she loves to relax with a bottle of wine and a good movie. Take this girl to a comedy that makes her laugh and she's yours forever. She also loves to bake and create unique confections for her friends to try. She may even bake for you, if you ask nicely.

Above all else, Leanna loves to try new things. She still hasn't been on a jet-ski, so if you have a day of adventure planned with your escorts in Fort Lauderdale, you may have to double up on the same jet-ski in order to properly to show her how it's done. But don't worry, she catches on fast!

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